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Mobility Transforming you into a mobile-first enterprises

Make a lasting impression even in a micro-moment

Today, time is measured in micro-moments – users make decisions in just one glance, decisions that can make or break your business. Employees also expect easy-to-use, mobile applications that help them work more productively. To survive and lead, your enterprise has to harness the power of mobile solutions and repurpose it in a revolutionary way. This is where SHARKBIE can help. By drawing from our extensive experience and expertise, we can deliver deeply intuitive, powerful apps that transform the way you work within your company; and connect with customers outside.Our forward-looking mobility solutions seamlessly and securely integrate with existing processes, creating a scalable, mobile-present enterprise that is poised for growth.

The how of mobile-first digital transformation
Mobility services – design and migration
Comprehensive testing and maintenance services

Services we provide under Digital Marketing

  1. Android app development services

    The number of people who own Android devices is growing year over year. You certainly want to offer your unique solution to this wide user base! We develop Android apps for various devices using the Java and Kotlin programming languages and Google’s own development tools and guidelines.

  2. IOS app development

    Did you know that Apple users show higher brand loyalty than Android users? An iOS app will certainly pay off! We do iOS mobile application development from scratch and can port your existing Android application to iOS. We use Swift and Objective-C to build our top rated iOS apps.

  3. React Native app development

    We build cross-platform apps that run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Code written in React Native is operating system–agnostic, yet apps written in React feel just like native apps written in Java or Swift. Using React Native speeds up mobile app development for iOS and Android.

  4. AR app development services

    Augmented reality offers great possibilities for customer engagement – and not only for entertainment. We build context-aware AR apps that use location data to improve the usefulness of retail, travel, and other applications. We implement 3D features in apps using the ARKit and ARCore frameworks.

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